What are Android Tablets?

First let’s get a quick definition of a tablet. A tablet is a personal computer device that includes many of the common characteristics of traditional computers, they are also known as Tablet PC’s. they are thinner and samller than what has been traditionally accepted. A tablet is manufactured as a portable PC that is equipped with a touchscreen instead of a keyboard. Many apps, applications, can be easily downloaded and added to a tablet and all can be accessed with just a touch. An Android tablet is manufactured and has the The operating system of the same name installed. The best tablets are Android Tablets.

Android Networking

Android tablets come with wireless adapters for connecting to the internet and local networks. Software applications are available thru the Android Marketplace operated by Google and many other stores. Some of these apps include office applications, secure web browsers, many fun games and a large variety of apps to fit every need or want.

Since Android is open source software it is considered more flexible and will continue to grow in popularity, it is presently the largest selling operating system for Smart devices.