This site is a resource for anyone who has bought a nice new Android tablet, we hope to offer the latest info about all sorts of tricks to get the best use of your tablet. The following are a few ideas and tips about what you can typically do on your Android powered tablets :

  • Most support WiFi.
  • You can use Skype, and if you have a built-in webcam you can use Skype to make a video call.
  • You can send and receive emails.
  • You can browse the web and you can view flash websites.
  • You can play YouTube videos and some will play DVDs.
  • You can view Pdf files.
  • You can view and edit MSWord, Powerpoint, and Excel files.
  • There more than 100,000 applications that you can download for Android and a great many of them are free.
  • You can increase the storage capacity by inserting a micro SD card, or flash USB device, if your tablet has a USB port. If your tablet has an extra memory slot/socket you can insert another card/stick of RAM to upgrade it.
  • If you do your calibration using a stylus, you may find your touch and scroll works more easily. The stylus makes it easier to pinpoint more accurately.
  • The screen typically works on a hold down system. Hold down on files and you can cut, rename, etc. Hold down on an empty spot on the screen pane and a menu will appear for you to paste, etc.
  • To remove an icon is quite simple. All you do is hold down the icon until a ‘bin’ appears, then you move it over and hover it over the bin.
  • You can use single screen panes or multiple screen panes if you want to load several applications and then scroll between them.

Looking after your battery is just one of the more important things you should do. Try not to let it run completely flat before you recharge. Lithium batteries don’t have a memory and their lives are shortened by constantly doing this. Replacement batteries are not always cheap or that simple to replace.

Besides trying to keep the maximum length of your battery life, you will also appreciate the convenience of keeping a battery fully charged. The portability of your tablet makes it essential that your batteries last. You don’t want to be stranded without power when you may need it most.

You can save your battery and make your computer faster by turning off non-essential applications you are not currently using. A one-click task killer app can help you do this quickly and easily. Consider not leaving your screen on the default full brightness, adjust it to what you need. Instead of using ‘power off’ choose ‘hibernate’ and save the power your tablet will use for booting up.